Wednesday 20 April 2011

my Twitter Clients

screenshot TwitBird (Pro) on iPhone
When I started tweeting in April 2009 I did so from my iPhone; I evaluated some Twitter Apps and if I recall well Twitterific was my first favourite. I didn't tweet so much and hardly ever on a PC/notebook, so the website was -and still is- somewhat unknown to me. Until I discovered TweetDeck, a nice client for Windows and Mac with some interesting features and a nice look-and-feel (user interface I should say). So from behind my desk my tweets started to become more frequent, I got more followers, causing more tweets, and so on.

screenshot TwitBird (Pro) on iPad
A year ago, beginning of 2010, my twitter frequency shot sky high when I started working in Switzerland, I was a lot away from home and discovered foursquare. The number of followers and tweeps grew and I needed to organise it a bit better. I starting using lists, first too many people in one list, then too many lists until I found the right equilibrium. I now have about 5 favourite lists with my favourite tweeps (although I sometimes forget to update them) and some lists with people I find interesting to follow but who need to be grouped together (in a list). Anyway, using lists I discovered the power of TwitBird (Pro), unfortunately (for some of you) only available on iPhone/iPad. Like most Apps it gives you access to your lists but the power of TwitBird is, is that you can filter already read tweets. So if I first scan my favourite lists, and then start reading my TL with all tweets I can filter the tweets I already read in the lists. This enables me to scan quickly if there's something interesting going on in Limburg or in Switzerland or in any other region, subject that I've created a list or search for and also browse what else is going on in the TL without having to read the tweets I already read twice!

HootSuite screenshot
If only HootSuite would have the same filter-read-tweets-functionality too, it would not be a great tool, but a perfect tool. But it hasn't, but it offers so much more:
*it runs in a browser so all settings are synced on the HootSuite-server, giving you the exact same setup wherever you login;
*tabs and streams: with so many lists & searches TweetDeck was not the best interface anymore, I prefer HootSuite where you can group up to 5 streams together on 1 tab; On a 21" monitor these 5 streams display every well next to each other;
*support for multiple accounts, not only twitter accounts, my personal Facebook account, professional Facebook group and my LinkedIn account as well! And even more if I wanted, but the free version is limited to 5 accounts, and frankly that's enough for my use;
*statistics, it was interesting to see that when I tried to sell my MacBookAir via twitter I suddenly got over 100hits on the URL to the advert;
*in the paid versions of HootSuite you can collaborate on twitter accounts with colleagues, it should be possible to appoint tweets to someone else so he/she can respond/take action. I never used this functionality so so I can't comment on it, but it sounds pretty useful for Social Media active companies.

So what about TweetDeck? After the Xth crash of AdobeAir, missing mentions (some mentions that I saw in TwitBird in my iPhone just didn't display in TweetDeck), responding to the wrong tweet because the mouse pointer/cursor suddenly decided to select another tweet then the one I wanted to respond to I gave up, found HootSuite and that's where I am today.

TwitBird on my iPhone
TwitBird and HootSuite on my new iPad2
And HootSuite on my Windows/OSX PCs/notebooks!

What do you use and why?


  1. this blog is a bit outdated, currently my Favourites are:
    PC/Mac: HootSuite in Chrome
    iPhone: TweetBot for it's easy switching between lists (and I miss it on my Galaxy Nexus/Android)
    iPad: TwitBird Pro (despite some bugs the only App handling lists very well)
    GalaxyNexus: TweetCaster (and sometimes TweetDeck) for reading tweets and responding, Seesmic for posting links (if not via BufferApp) and pics, Seesmic supports Pro and Mobypicture. I tried Plume but I don't like the interface (to messy)

    hmm... maybe I should write a new blog...

  2. What's important to be successful in using Twitter is to identify what you personally like about this new media and then deliver the same type of things that you like back to your own followers - work to provide value not drivel!

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