Monday, 2 July 2012

the Jelly Bean experience

I have used Jelly Bean (Android OS 4.1) on my Galaxy Nexus for a couple of days now and I can only say it offers a great experience! 
  • Google managed to get the interface more fluid and have it respond faster (Project Butter is a succes)
  • The new notifications (with previews) are beautiful and much more useful then the old ones
  • The improvements on how App-icons and Widgets are placed was not more then necessary, even Apple managed to do that smoother ;-) (only with App-icons of course, iOS still lacks Widgets)
  • Google Voice Search works great and I think I even might start using voice commands for the first time. I still have to see if it works via my bluetooth carkit. I just ran outside and tested it via my Parrot carkit and that works too. I've seen some comparisons on YouTube on how much faster and better Google Voice is compared to Apple's Siri (in the case of the 1600 questions you really see how bad or useless Siri really is).
  • I haven't had a change yet to really experience Google Now yet, but like Google explains it has to learn to know the user to predict what he/she might need (travelling directions, etc). But I really like how it already relevant information like your current or next appointment, last searches, etc.
side note:
I've never been a fanboy of either Apple nor Android, in fact I still use my iPad2 a lot and prefer certain Apps on iOS over those on Android (TweetBot for example), too n00bs I still recommend the iPhone in stead of an Android. But with the way Apple tries to force us to use all of their products versus the liberty that Google offers me (f.e. iCloud vs Google Apps) I'm becoming more and more anti-Apple!

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