Friday, 3 May 2013

iOS is not build for sharing content

Normally I take out my iPad late at night and start reading business related news, updates and blogs. On Google Currents or FlipBoard. The most interesting content I share to BufferApp,  Twitter, Facebook, tumblr, LinkedIn, Google+, etc whatever I think suits best.

Today I was activated FlipBoard on my HTC One while waiting for my daughter and I suddenly realized (pretty late I admit ) that I should quit using my iPad for sharing., iOS is not build for sharing content. You can only share to the standard channels which apple allows: twitter, Facebook and email. No direct link to tumblr, BufferApp or any other app that imho suits best for sharing the content. In Android I can share to any App via the share functionality in the menu. And mostly you share rich content, so not just a link to an article but also a thumbnail an intro text etc...

It's time I order an Android tablet.